Get the Ebook: To AMI, or not to AMI

Is AMI worth the investment? Where will the ROI come from? How long will it take the water utility to be fully operational? How can risks be minimized?

Discover the lessons learned and key figures from Global Omnium’s large-scale AMI deployment. Located in Valencia (Spain), it is one of the first European utilities that fully converted to AMI. Today, with nearly 1 million smart meters they are also considered one of the most innovative utilities in the continent.

In this ebook, you will gain insight into:

  • The 5 phases of Global Omnium’s AMI deployment.
  • The reasons behind one of the most relevant decisions of the decade.
  • The two principles chosen by Global Omnium for its deployment strategy.
  • How GoAigua supports a powerful analytical engine that generates operational use cases.
  • Benefits and results achieved by Global Omnium.