Water Technology Trends 2022

The top six innovations set to redefine the utilities of the future 


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    Water companies are about to be transformed by AMI infrastructure, GIS, 5G technology, AI, digital twins and intelligent asset management.

    Water Technology Trends 2022

    In a world where water scarcity affects 40% of the population, these cutting-edge technologies are the best tools to build smarter utilities. Process automation, real-time remote control, and event anticipation are some of the major benefits the new trends are set to bring. In this future, citizens will have a critical role in decision-making.

    Discover how innovation will transform utilities in the latest report Water Technology Trends 2022.

    water technology trends


    From meters to business intelligence

    water technology trends

    Digital twins

    Transforming the real world through the virtual

    water technology trends

    Intelligent asset management

    The key to sustainability

    water technology trends

    Geographic Information Systems

    Data at the service of efficiency

    water technology trends

    Artificial Intelligence

    Building learning into processes

    water technology trends

    5G technology

    Turning the future into reality

    The roadmap for 2022 is digital

    Water Technology Trends 2022
    "The time to build a more sustainable world is now. The future of water is not only about technology, but also about people."
    TREND #1: AMI
    "Meters have become IoT sensors that transmit useful information to digitally transform processes."
    TREND #2: Digital Twins
    "Digital twins promote two-way communication between utilities and citizens to address new challenges."
    TREND #3: Intelligent Asset Management
    "CMMS are an essential tool in the introduction of best practices and are valuable in tackling resource scarcity."
    TREND #4: GIS
    "Any geolocated data multiplies its original value by three, providing crucial information to guide real actions."
    TREND #5: Artificial Intelligence
    "AI improves water supply efficiency and quality. Algorithms can estimate consumption and predict water quality."
    TREND #6: 5G
    "5G is set to liberate and democratize data, making it more accessible for the 21st century citizen."
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    Water Technology Trends 2022

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