Water Technology Trends 2023

Transforming utilities through innovation


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    Pre-emption and prevention, water reuse, security, process automation, management optimization, and water planning are set to revolutionize water utilities in 2023.

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    The demand for water is set to rise by 30% by 2050. Guaranteeing water security is crucial. Thus, efforts must be made to find efficient alternatives that optimize water management.

    Water utilities are well aware of water scarcity and will continue to focus on security, on the implementation of technology and on process optimization, within the framework of water planning.

    Discover how innovation is transforming water management in the latest Water Technology Trends 2023 report.

    water technology trends 2023

    Pre-emption and prevention

    Responding to extreme events

    water technology trends 2023


    Increased protection of infrastructures

    water technology trends 2023

    Water reuse

    Water, from waste to resource

    water technology trends 2023


    Improving operability and management

    water technology trends 2023


    The role of artificial intelligence

    water technology trends 2023

    Water planning

    Adaptation to available resources

    Innovation spearheads the roadmap for 2023

    TREND #1: Pre-emption and prevention
    Early warning systems offer a 10-fold plus return on investment.
    TREND #2: Security
    Utilities have begun to invest more time, effort and money in strengthening cybersecurity.
    TREND #3: Water reuse
    One of the main objectives is to reuse six times as much treated water by 2025.
    TREND #4: Automation
    Water utilities are turning to intelligent technological solutions to reduce damage and operational costs.
    TREND #5: Optimization
    Energy optimization will lead to enhanced resource use, a lower carbon footprint and process optimization.
    TREND #6: Water planning
    The availability of real-time, accessible, reliable information will provide water utilities with detailed knowledge about the status of resources.
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    water technology trends 2023

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