Water Technology Trends 2024

Shaping a smart future for the water sector


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Improving water quality, pursuing energy efficiency and anticipating increasingly frequent extreme events will be a priority for digital transformation in 2024.

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The world is facing one of the most water-stressed scenarios in history. Digital transformation must play a pivotal role in water management to help tackle this challenge.

Utilities are already investing in technologies that enable them to reduce water losses, deal more effectively with extreme events, improve water quality and achieve energy savings.

Discover the digital water revolution in the 2024 Water Technology Trends report.

water technology trends 2024


Digitalization and automation

water technology trends 2024


Improving water quality

water technology trends 2024

Agricultural irrigation

The race towards efficiency and sustainability

water technology trends 2024

Water resource management

Anticipating extreme events

water technology trends 2024

Smart buildings and DHC networks

Innovation for energy optimization

The roadmap for 2024 is digital

TREND #1: Pre-emption and prevention
Early warning systems offer a 10-fold plus return on investment.
TREND #2: Security
Utilities have begun to invest more time, effort and money in strengthening cybersecurity.
TREND #3: Water reuse
One of the main objectives is to reuse six times as much treated water by 2025.
TREND #4: Automation
Water utilities are turning to intelligent technological solutions to reduce damage and operational costs.
TREND #5: Optimization
Energy optimization will lead to enhanced resource use, a lower carbon footprint and process optimization.
TREND #6: Water planning
The availability of real-time, accessible, reliable information will provide water utilities with detailed knowledge about the status of resources.
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water technology trends 2024

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