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How do you leverage millions of data points to manage water networks efficiently? Can utilities unify all digital components of their infrastructure to make better decisions?

Digital transformation is already helping 400+ water utilities globally, improving O&M, asset management, capital planning and water conservation. Idrica is guiding utilities and municipalities of all sizes in their way to efficiency, supporting them in their digitization process.

Proven Results

0 %
non-revenue water reduction
0 %
improvement in O&M efficiency
40 %
improvement in customer experience
1980 t
reduction in CO2 emissions
digital transformation

Struggling with information silos?

GoAigua software helps utilities to break informational silos and unlock value out of data, providing a holistic and real-time view of the state of processes and infrastructures.

Its modular, scalable and vendor-agnostic design implies that it can be adapted to each client for drinking water, wastewater and irrigation.

Discover how GoAigua transforms utilities into smarter, more proactive, and more resilient entities.

Are you trying to optimize resources?

Idrica has international experience of 10+years supporting clients in the areas of management, operations, maintenance, engineering and consultancy.

The team applies advanced tools and technologies to deliver fully-fledged digital transformation solutions.

Do you want to optimize your infrastructure and resources, and improve service quality and customer relations? We have you covered!

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