Expert services for the water sector

Over a decade of international experience in supporting clients in managing the entire water cycle

Overcoming industry challenges

Infrastructure optimization

Service quality improvement

Resource optimization

Customer-centric approach

- 45 %
billing complaints
0 %
energy savings
- 5 %
maintenance costs
- 3 %
water network losses

Services for the water sector


  • Consultancy and advisory services specialized in integrated water cycle management to respond to business challenges and technological needs

  • Digital transformation consultancy, deployment of technologies and instrumentation

  • Advice on improving water and energy efficiency, and optimizing operating processes in the water cycle

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Billing management

  • Improvement and consolidation of billing and collection and customer portfolios: reading, billing and collection management

  • Integration of data from remote reading of meters with visual readings and on route

  • Improved collection, complaint, and efficiency ratios

  • Increased customer satisfaction through the creation of direct communication channels

Technical assistance

  • Assistance for water utilities and organizations in all their processes provided by a specialist, highly experienced team.

  • Assistance in the operation and maintenance of water infrastructures, especially treatment plants and sewerage, sanitation, industrial and irrigation networks, as well as leak detection and efficiency improvements.

  • Technical assistance in the digital transformation, training and knowledge transfer processes.

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  • Drafting of studies, and basic, construction, improvement and detailed projects in all areas of the water cycle

  • Efficiency improvements and optimization of the cost-benefit ratio by applying a technological vision to processes

  • Designs and projects for water supply and sanitation plants and networks, including modeling, sectorization and instrumentation


Case Study

The specialist advice on digital transformation, combined with the implementation of GoAigua’s Billing solution, increased efficiency throughout the water cycle.

Complete the digital transformation of your water utility