Join Idrica and help build a better world

About us

At Idrica we seek to build a better world by helping to make the management of water, our most precious and scarce resource, as efficient as possible.

You’ll work in an industry in which we’re breaking new ground. Idrica is an international company where you will be learning new things every day, growing professionally and bringing solutions to the new challenges ahead.

So, if you’d like to make an impact on the world, do it with a team that is there for you for whatever you need and at a company where there are genuine opportunities for growth, Idrica is the place for you!

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What makes us special

Professional development and independence to do your job

You’ll have the chance to make progress both vertically and horizontally. We are growing which means you’ll have stability and a long career ahead of you.

You’ll be able to develop as a professional and engage in cross-cutting projects across the organisation. This will give you a broader vision of the business and help you find out where you want to go in your career.

We trust our staff and within general guidelines you can set your goals and arrange things with your team and for yourself as you see fit.

Committed team on hand for whatever you need

There is great camaraderie at Idrica meaning you’ll never feel alone if a problem crops up. We are a close-knit group sharing knowledge and workloads. We are all accountable for what the team does as a whole.

Everyone, including colleague and managers, is ready and willing to answer your questions and give you a hand. The important thing is to pool resources to get the job done. If something goes wrong, we look for solutions and learn.

Hybrid environment which is flexible and conducive to a great work-life balance

You’ll have flexibility to set up your daily routine so you can balance your work and personal life. We advocate a hybrid environment because we love going to the office too! This gives us the chance to share breakfast, bond and figure more things out together. This is not just work, it is a team effort.

If you don’t live in Valencia, don’t worry because you can also work entirely from home.

You’ll learn something new every day and tackle various challenges

We are growing extremely quickly and have to adapt and find solutions to new situations as they crop up. This will help you develop personally and professionally.

On the technical side you’ll address fresh challenges every day as we are a relatively new company developing cutting-edge software. Working here is an adventure.

Booming industry where you’ll see the impact of your work on everyday life

You’ll work in a company that’s doing its bit to build a better world. Water is going to be an increasingly scarce resource and we help to ensure it is managed as efficiently as possible.

You’ll have the chance to shake up a traditional industry by going digital and make your mark by improving the planet and society.

Other benefits of working at Idrica

Idrica Team

We run monthly teambuilding events (go-karting, paddle tennis, sushi courses) to forge team spirit and get to know each other better.

Days off

We get 25 days annual leave, two days personal leave and five additional days spread over the year.

Flexible remuneration

Benefits with tax advantages (meal and transport vouchers, training, extra holiday days, savings plan, health insurance and more).

Training platforms

You’ll be able to use our Openwebinars and the Idrica Academy platform so you can learn more about our products.

Ifeel platform

Free platform featuring self-help tools and specialist services to nurture our emotional wellbeing.

Flexible working day

Compulsory hours are from 9.30 am to 2 pm. Total working time adds up to 1,700 hours per year.

Subsidized catering

You can use our 50% Idrica-subsidized catering service.

Fresh fruit in the office

Available and free of charge whenever you come to the office.

Want to join our team?

Check out all our openings, and if you don’t find one that matches what you’re looking for, send us your CV to join our talent community and be considered for future opportunities.

Meet our recruiter team

María García

Yen Quan

Find out what our team thinks about working at IDRICA

We’ve built up friendships and do a lot of things together such as going out for meals and that has a positive impact on the business. In the end, you get to know each other, there’s more trust, you feel more confident and that means you aren’t as afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. Basically, you feel at ease. You come to work with a smile on your face and a different outlook on life.

Nacho Guerola

International Financial Controller / Finance Department

My professional journey has gone from strength to strength. I started out as a member of a team and seven months later I’m now leading it. Plus, I’ve always worked independently, and nobody has told me what I have to do in my job or how I have to do it. I’ve set up my own team, I’ve hired people, they’ve given me free rein. The company has backed me all the way. If it hadn’t been like that, I wouldn’t have been able to grow so much, not by a long shot.

Sergio Aznar

Head of GIS Analyst – IT

There’s a lot of camaraderie and you make very strong bonds very quickly. Sometimes they see that you are stressed out even though you don’t say anything. Then, everyone wants to help, they message you via Teams and you can see the team is keen to give you a hand. And this makes me feel good, I feel at ease working with them because I know they are always there for me and I’m there for them.

Óscar Muñoz

Software Architect / Analyst-Programmer – IT

I recently became a dad so I asked for some flexibility and they let me have it without batting an eyelid. Plus, I also have the peace of mind that when my kid starts school, they won’t give me any hassle if I need to change my timetable. It’s reassuring and means you can balance work and family life.

Ethan Martínez

Project Manager – Product Department

We change something almost every day and working in this company is like being a ship on the high seas; it’s a different adventure every day. You learn to manage change, to adapt, and that means you grow a lot and, in the end, it means there is never a dull moment.

Marina San Segundo

Development Coordinator – IT

It’s a wonderful industry and has a very rewarding social and environmental aspect to it. We work with a very scarce resource and at the end of the day we’re helping society to make water supplies better and more efficient in some way and this has an impact on people’s lives.

Marta Hervás

Digital Twin Specialist – Product Department