Drinking Water


Technological solutions to optimize collection, purification, water distribution, billing and customer care processes

Providers of drinking water treatment and distribution services must comply with high quality standards in a context of growing expectations.

The GoAigua solution facilitates decision-making and optimizes processes by building a cross-functional environment and providing a single management point for drinking water services.

Technology plays a key role in addressing the current challenges faced by urban, industrial and irrigation services, to ensure a premium water supply.

Reduction of resource consumption and emissions

Control of maintenance costs and NRW

Investment planning for aged infrastructure

High-quality service delivery and increased customer satisfaction

GoAigua Drinking Water Solutions

Service Operation Center

Integration of all available applications. Single management point for all active solutions, which are linked together via the data model and GoAigua’s smart algorithm engine.


Global vision of the operational status of the company through the integration of decentralized data and advanced algorithms for decision-making.


Monitoring of drinking water distribution networks to detect fraud and customer and system leaks at an early stage using smart algorithms.


Integration, management and advanced analysis of data from different types of meters and communication methods.


Real-time model of the water distribution network, linking data taken from sensors to conventional hydraulic models. Simulation of different scenarios and real-time operations.


Generation of asset renewal master plans based on cross-functional criteria (materials, historical leaks, complaints, actions, invoicing, mathematical models, etc.)


Field work management and planning focused on predictive, preventive and corrective processes. Mobility App and route optimization for field workers.


Centralized management of the entire reading, billing and payment cycle. Parameterization of processes based on prior definition of rules and criteria.


Comprehensive management of all customer service processes. Customers interact directly with the company and receive value-added services via the Virtual Office.

Use Cases

GoAigua guarantees the continuity and quality of water services under any circumstances.

Its technology solutions optimize water collection, treatment and distribution.

Drinking Water Treatment Plants

  • Work on assets, configuration of alarm thresholds and criteria for automatic generation of work orders
  • Digital Twin for simulations and what-if scenarios
  • Easy integration and duplication of information from previously implemented SCADAs and other data sources
  • Autonomous creation of synoptics via an intuitive “drag and drop” widget system
  • Monitoring and control of results, sampling rounds and analytical procedures
  • Comparison of results from manual sampling and SCADA data
  • Automatic notification of anomalous results and defining trends
  • Monitoring of unit processes in the facility , loads and efficiencies
  • Reaction to changes in maintaining the quality of influents and effluents
  • Optimization of reagents according to the quality of influents
  • Improvement of filter washing cycles, membrane cleaning and sludge drying

Distribution Networks

  • Fraud and leak detection based on the use of network sensors and remote meter readings
  • Comparison between water injected and water consumed in a specific sector to increase the network’s efficiency
  • Readings and alarms are integrated regardless of manufacturer or technology.
  • Data is monitored in real time.
  • Demand can be forecast, consumption patterns can be established and meter-related events can be detected.
  • Workforce and work routes are optimized. Work is planned and field operations are prioritized.
  • Geo-location of workers via the mobility App and advanced algorithm
  • Interoperability with ERP and CMMS
  • Optimization via smart algorithms to reduce energy costs based on forecast demand, pump efficiency and energy costs.

Billing Cycle

  • Definition of reading, billing and payment processes
  • Definition of tariffs and billable concepts, planning of different types of billing, generation of work orders to read meters, checking payments, etc.
  • Multi-channel service: in-person, telephone, virtual office, mail, email, mobile applications
  • Definition of back and front-office processes, integration of multi-channels
  • General and personalized information, value-added services

Complete the digital transformation of your water utility

About GoAigua

GoAigua is the leading technology solution for water cycle management. It enables the integration of multiple data sources and applications, building a cross-functional environment. The solution facilitates decision-making and optimizes the operation and maintenance of water cycle processes.