Supply, implementation and deployment of a new asset and mobility management system

  • Client: Empresa Mancomunada del Aljarafe, S.A. (Aljarafesa)
  • Project location: Aljarafe region, Seville, Spain
  • Solutions applied: GoAigua platform

This project consists of the deployment of a new asset and mobility management (AMM) system for Aljarafesa. The implementation of the GoAigua platform will improve the planning, management and monitoring of the utility’s hydraulic assets, and will optimize mobility management and field work.

The new system includes the management of work orders, network inventories, connections, meters, assets, facilities, laboratories and production plants (WWTP and DWTP).



This project will help Aljarafesa to manage its assets more efficiently, providing it with more structured procedures to characterize infrastructure performance. It will also improve the quality of operating report indicators.

Resource management will be streamlined thanks to field work automation and the interoperability of GoAigua with existing systems. This will provide centralized process management, traceability of the costs associated with these tasks, and the planning of preventive and corrective maintenance.

GoAigua will also deliver a holistic view of work data and information on a single platform, eliminating the need for custom software developments and therefore reducing costs.

Empresa Mancomunada del Aljarafe, S.A. (Aljarafesa) is the utility that has been managing the drinking water and sanitation services in 30 municipalities in the Aljarafe region of Seville since 1981.