Managing the Smart City of Valencia’s Technical Office

  • Client: Valencia City Council
  • Project location: Valencia, Spain
  • Services: consultancy

In this project Idrica is managing the Smart City of Valencia’s recently re-organized Technical Office. Specifically, the company adds its organizational know-how and experience in international projects in the field of smart cities, infrastructure management, technical offices and Big Data platforms, as well as in the management of large volumes of data.



The project’s aim is to ensure that the Office is run efficiently, providing it with the necessary resources, and participating in the transformation and integration of municipal services in the Smart City. Idrica is working in the consultancy area helping out with strategic planning, project management, the analysis of city indicators and municipal services, the definition of dashboards, as well as a range of communication initiatives. It also collaborates with the Office’s Technical Integration Department, which deals with the operation of the city’s platform, data integration and modeling, functional analysis of integrations, deployments, and the technical development of dashboards.

In recent years, Valencia has been engaged in an ambitious project to become a leading Smart City. The Smart City Office was created in February 2018 as a municipal service. It aims to contribute to the digital transformation of the city and to provide the human, material and intangible resources required for the support, analysis, design, development, implementation, integration, and maintenance of centralized decision-making systems and smart solutions for the Valencia City Council.

The Council also belongs to the international initiative United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC), promoted by 16 UN agencies, where it leads the City Platforms thematic group.