Pilot project to monitor surface water quality

  • Client: Jucar Water Authority
  • Project location: Albaida River sub-basin
  • Solutions applied: GoAigua Water Twin

Idrica has deployed its GoAigua Water Twin solution for the Jucar Water Authority. The main challenge of this project was to integrate data on water quality from various sources, including the multi-parametric probe installed in the Bellus reservoir and the discharge analyses from the WWTPs in Albaida, Atzeneta de Albaida and Palomar, Alfarrasí, l’Ollería and Montaverner and Ontinyent-Agullent into a single platform to create a comprehensive management and analysis operations center.



Through this pilot, the client can control surface water quality and the discharges into the public water network directly from the GoAigua Water Twin platform. Thanks to the integration of data and its Smart Water Engine, this standardized IoT platform consolidates data and facilitates optimum decision-making for the user.

The different phases of the project have focused on installing a multi-parameter probe and importing data at a gauging point, deploying the GoAigua Water Twin solution, setting up alarms, and generating records of monitored variables, as well as of the operating environment.

The benefits achieved include a single digital fully integrated monitoring and management environment, quality control of discharges into the public water network with geographic information from the sensors fitted to the assets, graphical interfaces with controlled parameters; and the calculation of discharges that exceed the established thresholds. In addition, a holistic view of the information generated in different departments has been obtained.

The Jucar Water Authority manages and controls the public water network in its district, consisting of a surface area of 42,735.32 km2, 797 municipalities, 90 groundwater bodies, 27 dams and an estimated water requirement of 3,100 hm³ per year. It is also responsible for the control of 375 hm³ of treated wastewater discharges per year.