Water consumption monitoring and water loss detection for EPS Grau

  • Client: Entidad Prestadora de Servicios de Saneamiento Grau (EPS Grau)
  • Project location: Peru, Latin America
  • Solutions applied: GoAigua FlowSens, Meter Insights and Water Twin
  • Funded by: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Idrica performed a consultancy service to implement a system aimed at reducing non-revenue water in sector IV of the Piura water network in northern Peru. The main objective was to support EPS Grau in the classification, analysis and monitoring of consumption, as well as in the characterization of water losses and the detection of anomalies.



The pilot project was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) with the participation of the Peruvian Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation.

The GoAigua FlowSens solution was implemented to monitor drinking water distribution networks and to locate leaks and fraud early through intelligent algorithms. As a result, key events such as undeclared leaks and changes in consumption behavior patterns were detected.

GoAigua Meter Insights was also deployed for the integration, management and advanced analysis of data from different types of meters. In addition, thanks to GoAigua Water Twin, the client obtained a global view of its operational situation, through the integration of decentralized data and the application of advanced algorithms for decision-making.

EPS Grau is responsible for providing drinking water production and distribution services, as well as sanitation services in the Piura region. The IDB, which financed the pilot project, promotes the development and digital transformation of the water sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.