Digital transformation of supply management at EMIVASA

  • Client: Empresa Mixta Valenciana De Aguas, S.A. (EMIVASA)
  • Project location: Valencia, Spain
  • Solutions applied: GoAigua platform for supply management

The GoAigua platform was implemented in the utility EMIVASA to optimize the management of the drinking water supply service in the city of Valencia (Spain), through digital transformation. The main challenges were to unify operating data from its extensive network, and to implement advanced functions, taking into account the complexity of its management systems.



Various GoAigua supply solutions were implemented during the project: FlowSens, for managing hydraulic efficiency; Meter Insights, for remote reading; and Water Twin and Water Twin Ace for running the network through a digital twin. GoAigua Billing was installed to manage the billing cycle; Customer Portal was deployed to digitally transform the relationship with customers; and Work Orders was rolled out to control field work.

Their implementation took place in conjunction with a comprehensive digital transformation process. The project included the creation of a systems infrastructure to bring together operating and business data management. The different operating management tools were built on top of it, maximizing their efficiency.

The project’s main results included reducing operating costs for water production and system maintenance, and streamlining the reading, billing and collection processes. In addition, the useful life of the assets was extended, and efficiency was enhanced, saving more than 5 hm3 of supply water per year and increasing internal leak detection.

The implementation of GoAigua was key to modernizing operations, boosting efficiency in network management and the billing cycle, and reducing water and energy consumption. In addition, customer satisfaction increased, with a 60% drop in the number of complaints about the service. Today, EMIVASA is a digital utility that uses GoAigua’s solutions in its daily activities.

Empresa Mixta Valenciana De Aguas, S.A. (EMIVASA) manages the city of Valencia’s drinking water supply service. Created by the Valencia City Council and Global Omnium, it has a network of more than 1,200 km, over 400,000 customers and a remote reading network consisting of 450,000 meters. EMIVASA has over a century of experience in drinking water supply management.